2020 NFL Combine Participants


The upcoming 2020 NFL Combine Participants includes eight (8) players with Rankings and Overall Ratings by ProScoutsOnLine.com for the NCAA 2019 football season.  Those 8 players are in the NCAA top 50 ranking stat leaders for their respective positions.


PSOL Rankings and Overall Ratings of players were done by each division FCS, D2 and D3 and with all 3 divisions combined together.  This is only meant as a tool to enhance the evaluation of players.


2020 NFL Combine Participants with PSOL Overall Ratings by Position which includes FCS, D2 and D3 schools.


                  Name                       Position                         School PSOL Overall Rating by Division PSOL Overall Rating with all Divisions FCS, D2, D3
  Davidson, Kevin   QB   Princeton No. 20 – FCS No. 51
  Robinson,  James   RB   Illinois St. No. 6 – FCS No. 15
  Parker, Aaron   WR   Rhode Island No. 5 – FCS No. 32
  Coulter, Isaiah   WR   Rhode Island No. 27 – FCS No.77
  Trautman,  Adam   TE   Dayton No. 23 – FCS No. 66
  S   Southern Ill No. 16 – FCS No. 39
  Olson, Dante   LB   Montana No. 1 – FCS No. 1
  Tuszka,  Derrek   DL   North Dakota St No. 6 – FCS No. 18



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The NFL Scouting Combine is a big event for draft prospects. Approximately 300 prospects will participate in the 2020 scouting combine in hopes to achieve their NFL dreams. See a complete list of the combine participants here:


Tentative Combine workout schedule:
» Thursday, Feb 27: TE, QB, WO
» Friday, Feb 28: PK, ST, OL, RB
» Saturday, Feb 29: DL, LB
» Sunday, Mar 1: DB



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