Best Selling Laptop Brands 2022

While picking from some of the best selling laptop brands can be challenging.  However, there are many great laptops available today, and they come from several manufacturers.  Whereby, listed below here are some of Amazon top selling laptop brands 2022. Continue reading

2022 NBA Draft Picks



Shown below are 15 players as part of the 2022 NBA Draft Picks.  Which includes their Rankings and Overall Ratings done by Pertaining to the 2021-22 NCAA Men’s Basketball season.

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Top 10 Best Smartwatches 2022 – Wearable Technology

Top 10 Best Smartwatches 2022 – Wearable Technology shown below are some of Amazon best sellers.  Therefore, smartwatches are more than just for making a call or text message while on your wrist.  They are also fitness trackers by counting your steps, and can serve as your smartphone if its not near you.  They can also serve as a digital wallet. Continue reading