College Basketball Women’s Rebounding Leaders 20-21


Below are top three (3) Overall Rating College Basketball Women’s Rebounding Leaders for 2021.  Also, are the rankings and overall ratings of the top 50 NCAA Women’s Rebounding leaders by each division. Continue reading

NFL Rookies Class for 2019


Shown below is NFL Rookies Class 2019 comprising of the NCAA top 50 stats leaders taken only from FCS, D2 and D3 schools; for the 2018 Football Season.  Whereby, this list includes the Rankings and Overall Ratings of players by position that are now on the active rosters, practice squads, and/or injury reserves as rookie players now on NFL teams.

Also, this current selection of NFL Rookies include a total number of 16 players; where 14 are from FCS schools and the remaining two (2) are from D2 schools.  This evaluation of a player stats can serve as a useful tool in selecting players in future drafts. NFL Rookies Class 2019 for both the AFC and NFC:


NFL Rookies - AFC/NFC

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