FCS Football: Rushing Yards Leaders 2021


Shown below is ProScoutsOnLine.com FCS Rushing Yards Leaders 2021.  Mainly comprising of Running Backs for the NCAA 2021 Football Season.  This includes a list of the NCAA top 50 FCS Rushing Yards leaders. With the compiling and sorting of stats to determine Rankings in 5 different stat categories.  Which determines the Overall Ratings for each player as shown below:


Also, highlighted below are the top three (3) Overall Rating running backs among the FCS rushing yard leaders.  


FCS Football: Rushing Yards Leaders 2021:


fcs football: rushing yards leaders 2021


No.1 Overall Rating – Quay Holmes – RB 

(Sr.)  ETSU   

HT: 6′-1″  WT: 220  

Rushing Yards: 1553  Rushes: 265

Rushing TD: 17  Receiving Yards: 331





fcs football: rushing yards leaders 2021


No. 2 Overall Rating – PIERRE STRONG, JR. – RB 

(Sr.)  South Dakota St.    

HT: 5′-11″  WT: 205  

Rushing Yards: 1686  Rushes: 240

Rushing TD: 18  Receiving Yards: 150






No. 3 Overall Rating – Robert Washington – RB 

(Sr.) – Valparaiso      

HT: 5′-11″  WT: 220  

Rushing Yards: 1105  Rushes: 211

Rushing TD: 14  Receiving Yards: 338






FCS Football: Rushing Yards Leaders Overall Ratings and Rankings:

See by each Division here:  | FCS-D2-D3 |  | D2 |  | D3 |



Overall Rating (based on individual Rankings)

Individual Rankings (5 Groups)

Rushing Yards (Group 1)

Rushes, Rushing Yards, and Receiving Yards (Group 2)

Rushing TD’s, Rushing Yards, and Receiving TD’s (Group 3)

Receiving Yards, Receptions, and Rushing Yards (Group 4)

Size, Rushing Yards, and Rushing TD’s (Group 5)


The total points from each Ranking Group determines the Overall Rating for each player; where the lowest total points have the best rating.


This can be a helpful for coaches or scouts in evaluating players and/or by comparing other players under evaluation.  As well, by identifying overlooking and/or under-rating players.  Also, this is helpful in evaluating players according to their height and size.


Also, shown below are links associated with the rankings and overall ratings for other FCS positions as well.  Whereby, using the NCAA and the respective school stats for the 2021 college football season in determining the rankings and overall ratings for those players.


Here are other links from ProScoutsOnLine.com for FCS Rankings and Overall Ratings for; Quarterbacks; Wide Receivers; Defensive Linemen; Defensive Backs, and Linebackers.



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