D1 FCS, D2, D3 – Defensive Linemen


D1 FCS, D2, D3 – Defensive Linemen top Rating for the NCAA 2019 Football Season by ProScoutsOnLine.com, year 2020.  This includes the NCAA top 50 sack leaders, from each division, with Rankings in 4 different stat categories which determines the Overall Rating for each player as shown below:


Listed below is the number 1 Overall Rating Defensive Linemen among D1 FCS, D2, D3.  Also, are links associated with the rankings and overall ratings of players by all divisions combined, and by each division separately.  As well, identifying the stats by using to determine the rankings and overall ratings of players.


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d1 fcs, d2, d3 - defensive linemen


No. 1 Overall Rating – Jordan Mclnerney – DL 

(Sr.) Lake Forest 

HT: 6′-5″   WT: 215   

Total Sacks: 14.5   Sack Yards: 102   

Total Tackles: 76    Tackles for Loss: 22




Overall Rating (based on individual Rankings)

Individual Rankings (4 Groups)

Total Sacks and Sack Yards (Group 1)

Tackles for Loss, Total Sacks, and Sack Yards  (Group 2)

Total Tackles, Tackles for Loss, Total Sacks and Sack Yards  (Group 3)

Size, Total Sacks, Total Tackles, and Tackles for Loss  (Group 4)


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The Rankings of the NCAA top 50 Sack Leaders among D1 FCS, D2, D3 – Defensive Linemen consist 4 main groups as shown above according to stats;

1) Total Sacks;  2) Tackles for Loss;  3) Total  Tackles;  and 4) Size (Height and Weight).  Also, with additional “stats” for each group representing tie-breakers, and including hidden stats for tie-breakers as well where necessary.

The total points from each Ranking Group determines the Overall Rating for each player; where the lower total points have the higher rating.

This can be a helpful for coaches or scouts in evaluating players and/or by comparing other players under evaluation.  As well, by identifying overlooking and/or under-rating players.  Also, helpful in evaluating players according to their height and weight.



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